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Inverter Compressor Chliller  17 - 465 kW
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More Savings with Inverter Controlled Compressors

Invertech is equipped with single or twin refrigeration circuits, driven with inverter compressors running according to the exact cooling load. Precise control of peak load conditions, reduces energy consumption all year around. Electronic expansion valve meters, proper amount of refrigerant flow to evaporator according to suction gas pressure and temperature. Invertech scroll inverter compressors running with R410 refrigerant ensure exact temperature readings. Invertech has the best temperature control technology, the industry can provide by variable speed compressors. Condenser surface is generously sized for comfortable operation at higher ambient temperatures.Inverter compressor solution with variable speed drive, ensures excellent performance values while maintaining secure oil management during the compressor life time. Invertech guarantees better noise levels as opposed to standart units due to variable speed drive of fan, compressor and water pump.

Su soğutma
Water Cooling Units

Intelligent units to increase process
efficiency through heat control in industrial facilities.

Sıcaklık kontrol
Temperature Control Units

Units that perform precise temperature control between 90 ° C - 300 ° C in plastic injection, metal injection, extrusion and rubber processes.


Units designed for heating and cooling of buildings (Factory, Hospital, School, Shopping Mall….).